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Pre and Post nuptial Agreements

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement is an agreement by couples intending to marry. A Post-Nuptial Agreement is one made after marriage. Similar Agreements can be entered into by civil partners.

These agreements set out how the couples’ financial assets will be distributed if the marriage or civil partnership ends in divorce or dissolution.

To some, it may seem unromantic, when they are keen to demonstrate their commitment to the new relationship.

And in many cases there is little point if neither party has any financial assets.

However, where one party brings the lion’s share of the assets to the relationship, a Pre-Nuptial Agreement can give both parties clarity about what will happen if the relationship does not work out. If the parties keep to the agreement, it will avoid the need and expense of court proceedings about a financial settlement on separation.

Call our specialist family solicitor now to discuss how she can advise and help if you are considering a Pre or Post Nuptial agreement.

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