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Commercial Disputes

If you are involved in a dispute with a customer or a supplier, it is important to consider all your potential courses of action.

Your first instinct may be to sue but first instincts are not always right. If your protagonist is an important customer or client, for example, you may not want to choose a course of action which will damage your relationship. In such circumstances, litigation could be an inappropriate action.

You certainly need to be aware of your legal position and your chances of winning in court, should it come to that. But you should also look at the potential advantages of negotiation or mediation before issuing the claim form!

Sometimes you may not be the instigator and find yourself being sued. Even in that situation, it is worth considering an alternative to litigation with your adversary.

We can advise on all potential solutions to contentious issues and, if you do decide to litigate, you can count on us to fight your corner expertly and efficiently. Call us now.

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