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Citizens in the UK are protected against many forms of discrimination in different areas of their lives.

In the workplace, as employees, there is a great deal of statutory law, much of it enacted only in very recent years, which categories and formalizes those areas where discrimination is illegal. Some of that protection in the workplace also applies to potential employees, i.e. those who are applying for jogs – for example, it is illegal to ask job applicant their age, and job adverts must not specify an age or age group into which potential applicants must fall, so as to avoid discrimination on that ground.
In other areas of life discrimination is illegal – for example in house letting prospective tenants cannot be discriminated against on grounds of ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation, age or gender. Nor can purchasers of goods or services (for example, anyone needing hotel or B & B accommodation, or a table in a restaurant) be discriminated against on any of those grounds

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