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All adults should make a Will.  By making a Will you can:
  • make sure your assets go to the people you want to have them when you die;
  • reduce inheritance tax;
  • protect and provide for vulnerable family members or friends;
  • avoid potential family conflict.

If you don’t make a Will your assets will be distributed according to the Intestacy Rules, which can have unwanted consequences.  For instance, children from a previous marriage or relationship may not receive any inheritance and, if you are not married, your partner will not inherit but your previous spouse could do so.

Your dedicated expert will:

  • help you ensure your assets are dealt with as you want;
  • those whom you know and trust are appointed executors;
  • guardians are nominated to take care of children who may be minors at your death;
  • make sure your Will is valid and binding;
  • keep your Will, free of charge, in our secure storage;
  • offer to register your Will with Certainty, the national Will register, free of charge; and
  • in most cases, charge you a fixed fee

Call one of our specialist lawyers now to discuss how you can make your Will.

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