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Your Disputes

We all have different relationships and interactions with others during our lives. We all have different roles which we are called on to play at different times. For example, we may each be, at the same time an employee, a neighbour, a spouse, a consumer, a customer, a borrower, a neighbour, a taxpayer; and so on – the list is long!

With any of the above ‘relationships’, or indeed any others, we may from time to time ‘fall out’ with the opposite party. Rarely, in these instances, the ‘disagreement’ is serious enough to warrant seeking the advice of a lawyer to clarify our position and advise us on the issue concerned.

Traditionally, we may think to contact a lawyer with an avowed intention to sue the offending party – in other words, to begin litigation proceedings. We can, of course, advise and assist if that is your ultimate decision but we would usually first ask you to consider other methods of dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation, or arbitration before you embark on the confrontational, and invariably expensive, litigation option.

Call one of our specialist Dispute Resolution partners now to discuss your situation and your options.

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