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Getting the Best out of Us

We shall do our utmost to ensure that we act as efficiently as possible in carrying out your instructions to bring your matter to conclusion. However, you can help us, and reduce the time we will take and the fees we will charge, by being precise and timely with the information that we need from you.
We hope that the following checklist is helpful:
  • Before contacting or meeting us, make a list of all your questions, to ensure that you cover everything that you want to ask. Don’t be shy – if there is something you don’t understand, do not hesitate to ask for a further explanation. This is important. We are used to dealing with legal matters but you may not be so familiar with the law and procedure and we are always pleased to take the time to explain.
  • Please Read Carefully – Depending on the nature of your matter we may have sent you a leaflet or a factsheet or other reading matter. If so, please read this carefully before you speak to us: the more you understand, the less time a meeting or a telephone call is likely to take. We also suggest that you look at our website as you may find additional information there.
  • Take Notes if it helps you. There is often a lot to take in during a meeting and we are often asked by clients if they can take notes. We are keen that you should take whatever steps necessary to ensure that you understand what we are doing and why. We have absolutely no objection to notes being taken.
  • Please Ask! – Don’t be afraid to ask exactly what you are being charged for. We will send you a letter outlining our understanding of your instructions, together with our terms and conditions and an estimate (or sometimes a fixed figure) of our charges. If you are in any way unclear about this, please say.
  • Check our Understanding of your matter. We often send clients draft letters to approve before they are dated and sent. The purpose of this is to ensure that we have understood the facts, and interpreted your instructions accurately. It is therefore very important that you read any drafts carefully to ensure that they are correct in all respects. If not, you must say, as amendments are still easy to make at that stage. If a letter goes out which is incorrect it could have adverse consequences for you personally and the progress of your matter.
  • Organise all the correspondence and documents relevant to the matter so that they are in a clear order and can be easily accessed and understood by your solicitor. If we have to spend time sorting documents it will add to the cost. Please also keep a file of your correspondence with us and a note of any telephone calls.
  • Act promptly if we ask for additional information or documents. If we have to chase you for replies, it is likely to add to the cost.
  • Remember the only way we can represent your interests properly is by knowing what you want and what you expect of us. Please be as receptive to our ideas as we will be to yours.
  • Finally, if you are not happy with our service at any stage, please tell your solicitor. If you are unsatisfied with his or her response you may take the matter up with our senior partner.
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