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What happens if I need to review my will?

What happens if I need to review my will?

Making amendments to your will could be necessary for a number of reasons, with most people drafting more than one will during their lifetime.

Reasons for reviewing your will are varied and could include divorce, the birth of a new family member or simply a change of circumstances.

Marriage/Civil partnership

When you get married or enter into a civil partnership, you need to update your will.

This is because a will that is not made in expectation of a marriage or civil partnership is automatically ended unless you make an updated will.

Divorce or dissolution of civil partnership

If you dissolve your civil partnership or get a divorce, any written confirmation of your former partner as a beneficiary will become invalid from the date of your divorce or the ending of your civil partnership.

If your ex-partner was appointed as your executor, this will also be invalid. You should make a new will to represent your updated situation.

Separation from a partner

Legally, separations do not affect your will. However, if you wish to change your will to remove or update any beneficiaries, gifts or executors of your will, you should do so.

New family members

The birth of a new family member such as a child or grandchild may result in you wanting to alter your will. It may even be other relatives, but if you wish to include them in your will, you should update it. For beneficiaries under the age of 18, it could be prudent to appoint a guardian, though this doesn’t have to be stated within the will.

Death of a beneficiary

You may have already prepared for the death of any beneficiaries in your will, but if you haven’t then you will need to update it to reflect the circumstances.

Change in assets

Moving house or perhaps purchasing an additional property may necessitate an update to your will. You can then outline what happens to the property, and remove any out of date information such as a formerly owned property.

Change of mind

You may simply have a change of heart. If you do, it’s important to change your will with the new information.

If you are considering reviewing your will, take a look at our free downloads for a complete guide to wills.  Alternatively, more information can be found at: www.rpj.uk.com/you/your-legacy/wills/

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